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About the project

TECH2MATCH is a development project aiming to improve the technological skills of current and future healthcare professionals. Read about the goals and background of the project below.

Learning material to improve the use of technologies in healthcare

TECH2MATCH aims to meet the needs of higher education institutions in training their future and current healthcare professionals, through blended learning, real-life scenarios and xMOOC, to enable a better use and match of technology for patients with pain (acute or chronic pain). Technologies related to:

  • Augmented reality and Virtual reality
  • Apps
  • Monitoring
  • Telehealth

TECH2MATCH will lead to the use of innovative technologies and to interdisciplinary development of healthcare professions across countries. Furthermore, TECH2MATCH will be accessible as a xMOOC for already educated healthcare professionals, supporting the ambition of lifelong learning across EU. Future and existing healthcare professionals educated from Higher education institutions in Europe will gain technological competencies and digital skills, which will lead to better use and match of technology for patients with pain for the benefit of both the group and the healthcare sector. TECH2MATCH will result in an increase in the online pedagogic capacities of the lecturers as blended learning and online pedagogic in teaching will be developed and implemented in higher education institutions.

TECH2MATCH will deliver the following concrete results

  • A report of the needed technological skills and competencies of the future healthcare professionals
  • A framework for analyzing the real-life scenarios opportunities and challenges
  • Frameworks for developing the blended learning, real-life scenarios, training the lecturers and xMOOC
  • Teaching material to train the lecturers in digital pedagogical skills and competences


The primary objective of the project is to develop a 5 ECTS course to strengthen and increase the share of advanced digital skills and technological competencies by 30% at partner organisations, in the care for people with pain to improve the health and quality of life, of the future healthcare professionals within nursing, physiotherapy and midwifery through the development, piloting, and implementation of the interdisciplinary TECH2MATCH course.

The secondary objective is to strengthen and increase the share of advanced digital pedagogical competencies by 40%, providing lecturers with a training course to enable them to oversee and lead the TECH2MATCH course.

The above objectives contribute to stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices through developing learning outcomes that better meet the learning needs of the students. The students will experience innovative teaching through development, piloting and implementation of a flexible learning pathway, a blended learning course and innovative forms of assessment. 

The course will demand excellence in teaching in technology and lecturers will be trained in innovative online pedagogies. Participation in the course will reward excellence in skills development and preparation for the challenges in practice related to the use and match of technology.


TECH2MATCH supports the modernisation and digitalisation of the future healthcare systems in the EU by introducing digital blended education, sharing knowledge, experiences, and developing new digital learning approaches.

Technology is an indispensable part of healthcare; however, research indicates that currently, healthcare professionals’ skills may not be updated to accommodate how to use technologies in collaboration with the patients. There is still a lack of implementation of relevant technology (Nilsen et al, 2020) but also an overuse of technology (Jepsen, 2022). Working with technology in real-life scenarios will make students familiar with technology, lose fear of new technology, get more knowledge in how to integrate patients’ needs in the use of technology.

People with pain is a global and European problem that cannot be ignored and needs to be addressed in the development of future relevant healthcare. The match and use of technology with the right people with pain is a known problem for all EU members and a challenge when the aim is to ensure an effective and relevant use of technology for people with pain.

Students in EU Health Care Institutions need to learn more about technology to build up their digital skills and competences to enable them to match the right technology and people with pain. This is important as the right match will improve the health and quality of life for people with pain. Thus, the students in EU Health Care Institutions' need to learn about and reflect upon technology-initiated changes, opportunities, or challenges (visible as well as invisible) that influence their practice and care. Moreover, the lecturers at EU Health Care Institutions' need to be trained and updated on their digital pedagogical skills for providing this course.

TECH2MATCH meets the objectives of EU public health policy as the EU aims to: ”Protect and improve the health of EU citizens” and harmonise health strategies (Factsheets on the EU, 2021). Thus, the project contributes to the objectives of the European Education Area, the Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027 in relation to better use of technology via developing digital skills and competencies of the future healthcare professionals (EC, 2017).


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