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Stakeholder involvement

In TECH2MATCH, we involve national stakeholder groups in each four countries with patients with pain, their relatives, healthcare students, lecturers and healthcare professionals. This includes a total of 32 persons involved.

Why do we use stakeholder involvement?

The participating stakeholders ensure that the TECH2MATCH course is relevant, useful, applicable, and as a result covers the need in practice. The national stakeholder groups are involved throughout the development of the course to ensure it is in line with what is practically relevant and feasible within all four countries.

With this, TECH2MATCH´s cooperation and co-development of the course with input from national stakeholder groups will lead to a new understanding of the match and use of technology for patients with pain on how to train technology understanding, skills and competencies, including the needs of the health professionals and end-users.

Workpackage 2: Focus groups with national stakeholders

In order to identify the needed technology skills and competences by healthcare professionals, we have conducted focus group interviews with national stakeholders from Austria, Denmark, Finland and Spain. Read more about the interviews below.

Workpackage 3: Focus groups with national stakeholders